Affordable Health Care

I believe wholeheartedly that every American deserves access to affordable health care. When I was growing up, my dad – a public school teacher – fought a twenty-year battle against heart disease and COPD. He often made tough choices between his family and illness, foregoing necessary treatment or prescription drugs because we could not afford them or choosing to provide for my brother and me instead. Forcing people who have spent their lives serving others to make those choices is unacceptable in the wealthiest country in the world but all too common among working families. 


If elected, I will work to lower healthcare costs through expanding Medicaid in Kansas and extending care to 150,000 people statewide. I will also stand up to the pharmaceutical lobby, which has jacked up the price of common drugs like insulin to the point where people have to ration their supply to survive. I favor legislation that would lower prescription drug costs for millions, like the Lower Drug Costs Now Act. Additionally, I will work to bring more federally qualified health centers to Kansas, which provide quality care while saving taxpayers money.


As your Representative, I will make sure that no one has to choose between providing for their family and life-saving treatments or prescription drugs.


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