Jobs And The Economy

Growing up with two parents that worked multiple jobs to make ends meet, I understand how difficult it is for Kansas families when the price of gas and groceries goes up. But unlike my opponent, who raised taxes and utility rates, canceled infrastructure projects, and slashed tax credits to pay for a tax cut for the Koch brothers – I will fight to make life better for working families like mine. 


We used to produce things here in Kansas, not thousands of miles away. Decades ago, we produced close to 40 percent of our semiconductors in the United States. Now, we manufacture only 13 percent. I will work to bring manufacturing capabilities back by supporting legislation like the America COMPETES Act, which would deliver billions for domestic manufacturing and make substantial investments in other critical issues like supply chain resilience. This will create good-paying jobs while also helping to guard against inflation and supply chain disruptions. I will work to end the corporate tax credit for outsourcing good-paying jobs and bring them back home where they belong. America can once again become the manufacturing center of the world. 


Kansans remember the results of radical economic policies from Sam Brownback, which my opponent fully supported. As your Representative, you have my word that I will only support policies that will revitalize small businesses and the working class – not the rich and powerful.


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