The nationwide opioid crisis is a national tragedy. Our communities and families are being torn apart, all because of the greed of a few massive pharmaceutical companies. In Congress, I will make sure that those companies, and the families that own them, are held accountable to the full extent of the law. Additionally, we must crack down on foreign drug manufacturers who make synthetic opioids and the drug dealers that push them into the United States. 


As your Representative, I will work to increase public resources and addiction service for our first responders and veterans – who frequently struggle with addiction issues due to their service. Curbing opioid use in Kansas will also take creative solutions. Kansas must join the 36 other states that have approved the use of medical marijuana so that those struggling with pain do not have to turn to opioids in the first place. This issue demands action at every level, and Kansans deserve nothing less. 


  1. Affordable Health Care
  2. Supporting Our Veterans
  3. Jobs And The Economy
  4. Opioids
  5. Seniors
  6. Agriculture
  7. Unions & The Middle Class
  8. A Woman’s Right to Choose