Growing up, I watched my grandmother live paycheck to paycheck on social security for 30 years after my grandfather died. I understand the importance of the integrity of life for our nation’s elderly. That is why I will fight to make sure we never have to raise the retirement age and that Social Security always keeps up with inflation. And you can be sure that I will oppose any efforts by Republicans to cut or privatize Social Security and Medicare. 

Taking care of our seniors by strengthening Medicare and Social Security will be one of my top priorities in Congress. Talking with Kansans, I have heard stories from those who had to sell their homes to receive care. This is unconscionable. We must ensure that our seniors receive care with dignity and not have to enter extreme poverty to qualify for assistance to afford long-term care.

With costs only increasing, we cannot afford to wait. In Congress, I will support legislation allowing Medicare to negotiate directly with drug companies – just as the VA already does – so that seniors are not should not have to decide between covering their overpriced medications and their rent. As they get older, every American deserves economic security, and our seniors have earned their benefits. If elected, I will fight to make sure they are protected.