Unions & The Middle Class

Strong unions built the middle class and created a healthy economy in Kansas. But for decades, membership has declined after attacks from a wealthy and powerful elite. As a result, good-paying jobs that enabled working people to support their families have been shuttered or moved overseas, and wealth inequality has risen steadily. Greedy corporations have put their profits ahead of your prosperity because they know that union members earn more on average and have higher quality benefits. In Congress, I will work to pass the PRO Act, which will make it easier to join a union and protect collective bargaining rights – giving workers the labor protections they deserve.  


I will also fight to rebuild the middle class by standing up to bad trade deals and unfair tax policies that benefit multinational corporations at the expense of workers right here in America. I promise that the only non-negotiable requirement necessary for me to sign on to any trade deal or tax policy will be whether it puts workers first in Kansas. It is time to stop prioritizing the needs of big business and the rich over our hardworking Kansans, and that’s what I will do if elected.