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Dear Kansans

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Patrick Schmidt is a Lieutenant in the US Naval Reserve, having served 4 1/2 years on active duty, serving on board the USS RONALD REAGAN in the Middle East and serving in the Office of Naval Intelligence in Washington D.C.  Patrick is a 6th generation Kansans whose parents were public school teachers and farmers. Upon completing his active duty service, Patrick returned home to Kansas to pursue public service. While stationed in Washington D.C., Patrick was an eyewitness to the January 6 insurrection that claimed the lives of several police officers and threatened, for the first time in our nation’s history, the peaceful transfer of power. Patrick’s experience in Washington that day, followed by

Since announcing his run for Congress, Patrick has crisscrossed the district listening to hard-working Kansans express their frustration with Rep. LaTurner for his continuing votes against his constituents and their needs. Working closely with his friend Sam Brownback, Jake LaTurner bankrupted the state as a state Senator and Treasurer in Brownback’s cabinet and is now looking to bankrupt Social Security and Medicare. The apex of this hubris came on August 2, when the “Value them Both” amendment, long a political goal of Jake’s, was soundly defeated in a landslide. Jake donated tens of thousands of dollars for the abortion ban amendment in Kansas  Patrick’s campaign worked hard to engage James Carville and the national media to ensure that Kansans understood the trickery used by LaTurner’s allies in the Kansas legislature to stack the deck in favor of ratification. Despite LaTurner’s best efforts, the Second district defeated the amendment by 18%. Now, however, Rep. LaTurner insists that the votes of Kansans are irrelevant, and he continues to pursue a national abortion ban that will nullify the votes of hundreds of thousands of Kansans. Patrick is determined to support Kansans who voted no and is working diligently to defeat LaTurner in November.